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Dr Mariann Hardey

Social Media Expert

Name:Dr Mariann Hardey
Business:Duham University
Job Title:Associate Director Centre of Communication | Lecturer Social Media Marketing
Expertise:Social media, etiquette,


Mariann is Associate Director to the Centre for Communication, and Lecturer in Social Media Marketing at the University of Durham. Recently she presented at O’Reilly’s first Ignite event in Newcastle: Facebook the Fear of Losing Attention. Her presence is ‘old’ in technology terms to the digital scene with presentations at various Web 2.0 events, including TEDx, O’Reilly and now Thinking Digital. Mariann’s academic quality springs partly from her role at Durham, her advantage as BBCNorthEast commentator on social media, and her Facebook-era belief that social networks provide a minimal idealism for interaction.


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This thing we call social media

Submitted by Dr Mariann Hardey on 8 July 2011 - 10:05am

This is my first blog post (one of many to come) to smib.

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We have a duty to consume.

Submitted by Dr Mariann Hardey on 16 September 2011 - 11:37am

A nice little update from the NYT this week that predicts Apple's release of the V.5 iPhone - yes two new handsets do keep up.