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Clare Hudson

Social Media Expert

Name:Clare Hudson
Business:In4merz, Hudson PR
Job Title:CEO
Expertise:PR and Marketing

Social Networks



At just 30 years old Clare Hudson achievements are astonishing; she has managed to set up not one, but three incredibly successful business in the music industry and has been working with clients who include Universal, samsonite, Warners, Lady GaGa, Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott, The Saturdays and Ministry of sound for over 12 years! Not content with three successful businesses under her belt, Clare is now embarking on a social enterprise scheme in which she is setting up an academy for young people to develop their media and entrepreneurial skills. Through work related learning in4merz (aged 11-21) are motivated by exclusive incentives, the more effort and determination that is put into their mini marketing campaigns the more points, experience and prizes they win. Engaging youths & being able to execute this idea to fruition is no easy task, it takes energy, drive, determination and great leadership skills to design, then maintain the enthusiasm & interest. Clare is so actively involved in every part of the business, from the workshops, to being hands on with work placements that teenagers can’t help but be inspired & believe that if Clare can achieve all this, so can they. This has been relayed many times via students, teachers & heads. Already recognised by the commercial music industry as a merging leader to watch, Clare is a founding member of the Music Leaders Network (CLP Network) and she continues to ‘play forward’ her leadership skills in mentoring up-and-coming aspiring leaders. In 2010 Clare received the ‘Women to Watch’ award, recognizing her as a leader in her field; she is also been nominated as Enterprise Educator of the Year 2010 and will receive her award in April. Clare's innate skills as a marketing and PR guru combined with her core passion to instigate meaningful change in how young people are introduced to the world of work has lead her to develop Supporting Tomorrow, her social development enterprise. It is the combination of commercial sensibilities with a heartfelt desire to influence a social change in the way young people are challenged and supported in their understanding of what the world of work is and raising their expectations of what they can achieve that makes Clare’s work stand out.


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