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Andrew Gerrard

Social Media Expert

Name:Andrew Gerrard
Job Title:Director
Expertise:Social and digital media strategy & marketing


Andrew Gerrard is a social and digital media strategy consultant, helping organisations to understand and engage in the conversations that their users and customers are having, and how to convert them into mutually profitable long-term relationships. With a proven track record of delivering results, Andrew builds relevant strategies and tactics that create user engagement and customer loyalty, opportunity and profit. His combination of social media and online experience, coupled with a sales and marketing background in technology, gives Andrew a strong commercial insight and vision for social and digital media integration into an organisation’s culture and infrastructure. Andrew was responsible for the successful launch of LunarStorm, a social network for young adults, taking it from startup to maturity and achieving acquisition targets significantly ahead of schedule. He was previously at CompuServe where he created new business models and processes to generate social network and online community revenues through interactive advertising and marketing. He is also the former European Marketing Director for DoubleClick, responsible for building and delivering the marketing that grew DoubleClick across the European marketplace. Andrew is a founder member, and former Director, of the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau), with whom he maintains an active relationship.


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