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Graham Ball, Chief Executive Officer, KBSA - Just a short note to thank you for your presentation at the KBSA AGM on Tuesday. It showed us all that there's a whole new world out there in the ether that can be harnessed for some business opportunities, and I think that enough people were taking notes, and will be looking to exploit these in the future. I hope that you made some contacts for the future, and thank you once again on behalf on the KBSA for your thought provoking presentation.

Chris Brogan, cofounder PodCamp  - “Chris has years of experience in understanding how traditional marketing meets the web. He is a media maker, a community guy, and an all around renaissance man in the arts of delivering information, developing need, and driving professional value into projects. He is personable, creative, capable, and has a strong sense of professionalism that doesn't overshadow his winning personality. Consider Chris for your next creative project and you won't be disappointed.”

C.C. Chapman, Crayon Marketing - "We went to Chris when we needed a creative and innovative prototype builder for our Virtual Thirst project in Second Life. He took the wide open idea and came back with something that exceeded all of our expectations. Throughout the entire campaign his prototype that he conceived and built remained a constant favorite of everyone who came to visit. I couldn't have asked for better results. Fast, flexible and professional."

Jo Jordan, Psychologist & Director, Rooi Limited - “Chris is the David Plouffe of social media in the south-east of England. Chris has introduced me to people with like interests, helped me engage the press, and provided a platform through Social Media Mafia for me to shape a solid local profile. Chris is always available to offer a critical eye over practical plans and projects. He is currently working on the roll-out of on-line education and the integration of social media into the working routines of successful organizations. ”

Ken Vitto, Director of Marketing, GizMac Accessories - “The news distribution web site that Chris runs is a great resource for marketing and especially important for Search Engine Marketing specialists like myself. Chris' work in maintaining an important and easy to use service shows through with the excellent results that are obtained.”

Eaon Pritchard, New Channel Development and User Experience, WEAPON7 (business partner) - “Chris combines tech knowledge, creativity, business sense, a passion for all things digital with the ability to enthuse others and pass on that knowledge. In particular, he opened my eyes to the possibilities within immersive virtual worlds. I'd recommend Chris to any organisation that wants to get involved in emerging media.”

Caron - Jane Lyon, Owner, PCM creative - “Chris Hambly? "Creative essence, business drive with a passion to inject every project and venture with an infectious enthusiasm." A phrase that can be used to describe Chris. Since lending my services as an event ambassador for the Summer of Love Festival, SOL staged at his ACHUB presence on Second Life in August 2007. Since collaborating and participating in the 'unconference' MediaCampBuck07 event in the south of England I am constantly astonished by Chris's productivity, extensive network and people skills. A prolific podcaster producing AC radio, Running Man radio and CarCasts, Blogging and more. An air of ease and his willingness to share his knowledge, not to mention a great soothing vocal tone plus a musician and audio recording specialist. I can't imagine a project that won't succeed with Chris on board.”

Mal Burns - “Chris, together with his inworld avatar (audio Zenith) in Second Life, has provided constant high-quality help and advice especially in the area of audio technology, environment design, event-planning and distance communications. His online radio show is also a joy to listen to. Chris is also a prolific "Twitterer" and it never ceases to amaze me how he gets so much done. He seems particularly adept at using multiple media at the same time, yet always seems to have time for an ad-hoc consultation too. He is also a prime example of someone using the future "metaverse" interface to its best advantage at present.”

Doreen Pugh, Co-Chair: Finance, Development & Security, Second Life Best Practices in Education International Conference - “I recently had the opportunity to work with Chris Hambly on educational and entertainment events held within Second Life, a multi-user virtual environment. Chris has displayed generosity, unflagging enthusiasm, and a willingness to dig in and work hard for what he believes in. It has been a pleasure to know Chris and I believe that he will continue to provide valuable and innovative solutions for online education and collaboration.”

Jason Jarrett, Director, Bluebell Media - “Chris is a strong character with well honed skill sets in new social media. He has a great way with people and has a natural ability to empathise and communicate complex concepts in a readily understandable format. He is inventive and prolific and someone who can really help a company.”

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