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Social Search Engineering & Traffic


Social Search EngineeringInterestingly search is something that catches a lot of businesses out. It’s a great leveler for so many that assume having a website equates with receiving lots of new visitors. 
It doesn’t, websites have to be fined-tuned and fed and watered regularly to obtain traffic from search engines.
Our advice to you is do not spend thousands of pounds on design that nobody will see. What you should be investing in is a website (and strategy) that makes Google keep coming back for more and positions your business website as the authority in your market.
That’s what your business needs, aiming to be the authority in your field. This “authority” is part of how search engines are programmed, to calculate who should be positioned top. 
When we build websites we can’t help but make them sexy for Google, it’s in our DNA, we cut our teeth on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and you need to get on board too. 
If your business has an underperforming website then let us help you, we’ll examine what your business has and put together a strategy to correct it.