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Submitted by Chris Hambly on 22 July 2011 - 10:35am

socal media quotesE-mail signatures are still prime-time space to engage with your customers.

Yes, open and public tools are being adopted more frequently each and every day, but e-mail remains "The Daddy" for business communication - the entire Internet is in fact cemeted back to our e-mail addresses. 

So with this prime-time "ad space" you can utilise it to give your customers some words of wisdom. I often include a somewhat thought provoking, or at least midly stimulating quote in my company signature. Currently I have to change this manually (I need a script that will work with Gmail).

Anyway I was thinking wouldn't it be fun to ask "MY" social graph (that's you, you are in it) for some great quotes and try to build a list. 

To get the ball rolling here are a couple:


"Being social doesn't necessarily mean you have to be in agreeance, it's more about having a credible reasoned conversation" - Chris Hambly, CEO, Social Media in Business.

"Empowering your staff with the ability to be brand ambassadors is one of the key ways to becoming social"  - Chris Hambly, CEO, Social Media in Business.

"Your website is even more important than it ever was, this importance will only increase" - Chris Hambly, CEO, Social Media in Business


So, using the comment form please add your quote and then your name, I'll then be able to compile a list in another post.