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This page represents our growing database of speakers and experts. We draw from this list for a variety of our events.

Click on a user to explore which event they have taken part in with us.

BethRitterGuth's picture

Beth Ritter-Guth - Instructor - Literature Alive! in Second Life

Beth Ritter-Guth teaches English, Programming, Gaming, and Robotics at Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, USA. She has worked with virtual worlds as the founder of the non-profit Literature Alive! in Second Life. She is also the founder of the initiative, "Girls Gone Wired: STEM Opportunities for...

mazrred's picture

Dr Mariann Hardey - Associate Director Centre of Communication | Lecturer Social Media Marketing - Duham University

Mariann is Associate Director to the Centre for Communication, and Lecturer in Social Media Marketing at the University of Durham. Recently she presented at O’Reilly’s first Ignite event in Newcastle: Facebook the Fear of Losing Attention. Her presence is ‘old’ in technology terms to the...

Sue Beckingham's picture

Sue Beckingham - Educational Developer - Sheffield Hallam University

An educational developer with a research interest in the use of social media in higher education. An advocate of the use of Personal Learning Networks for 'Alternative Professional Development'.