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Social Media Advertising

Many people are brand loyal. When they find a product or company they like they tend to stay with them for the long haul. With ever increasing marketing via the internet they often sign up for a newsletter or other promotions their favorite companies have to offer. They follow many of them on the various social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. They feel more appreciated as a customer when they're able to get information on a pending product launch or insider’s sale ahead of everyone else. These companies have developed a strategy that incorporates the ever evolving social media universe into their advertising arsenal.

Social media advertising is as important as print, television, and radio advertising. However using social media advertising allows the company to zero in on a specific demographic or a range of demographics. They can then tailor their promotions to the target consumer’s needs. While Myspace typically appeals to a younger demographic, the Facebook user is more commonly an older crowd. A company is no longer limited to having a single internet ad.

Social media advertising also allows a company to expand the fields of creativity. While there are limits to what can be presented in a television commercial as well as time constraints, a short clip on YouTube can be edgy, ecclectic, or racy. This presents another opportunity for consumer interaction.The added advantage can be 24 hour exposure without the added expense of traditional advertising.

By intergrating the use of the various social media sites into a company’s advertising plan, a company can also expand beyond physical borders. As the company builds it’s brand, they can again customize tweets, blasts, and status updates to what’s appropriate for foreign markets. The upside to the use of social media advertising is there are no limits to the number of accounts anyone can have so a company’s access to the market place can be seen as unlimited.

Use of social media advertising must be treated in the same regard as traditional methods. A company must develop a strategy through research and development to understand their target demograhic in order to place ads that are relevant to that group. Through careful planning and execution this tool can be less about the number of clicks an ad gets and more about growing the brand and the income it generates.

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