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Should You Use Google +1

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Submitted by Chris Hambly on 4 June 2011 - 1:35pm

Google has rolled out the +1 button service which lets us all give a virtual "thumbs up" on any content we feel merits it (well those that have it installed anyway, which over time may well be an enormous amount of webpages!)

Quite a neat little idea in many ways I suppose.



It's a breeze to install, and it is reportedly going to have an impact regarding Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

This is exactly why I'm interested, and so should you be for your business.

The fact that Google has decided to use human voting to have an affect on search rankings is not really huge news. Sure it is hip and very "now" to use a "social button". But if you think about it, page rank, or rather the amount of in-bound links going to a site, is in fact a human endorsement that the content is worthy. In the majority of cases in-bound links are put on a site by a human which implies "we think you'll like this". So in my mind this is a very old concept, albeit now anyone can vote (not just webmasters).

But will this affect your search engine rankings?

Well yes and no. The ordinary rankings (those rankings a non-logged in Google user sees) will not be affected by this button (or the amount of +1s) - however, for those users that are logged in you will start to see a different set of results based on your friends personal endorsements, i.e. if your friend has +1'd a page this in theory will influence what you see. There are details of all this to in the FAQs which are worth a read.

Do we recommend this?

You bet we do, this is a game changer in many ways.

Reports suggest that this will be another macro measurement we can use within analytics - a simple, yet effective way for measuring page engagement for a start. In addition to analytics this button will soon appear within the Android market place which enables "friends" to provide recommendations on apps - which is something that is not possible from Apple and iTunes.

Go forth and install it.