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Segmenting Your Message using Facebook Lists

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Submitted by Chris Hambly on 27 January 2011 - 12:43pm

As we all build social presence collateral in networks such as facebook, it is more important than ever to ensure we can communicate effectively.

Communicating a message effectively usually means two basic things need to occur:

  1. The message is clear and unambiguous
  2. The message is delivered to the correct channel, or segment, if you will

Digital technologies by their very nature afford such segmentation. Segmenting is merely a case of carving up a list of prospects and categorising them into groups of similarity, men and woman would be an obvious example, then men under 25 and women over 25 would be two more segments. Yet time and time again we see companies not actually segmenting at all and offering a more broad stroked brush offering with their social media messaging, or a "blanket bombing" kind of messaging.

Much of this poor segmenting is due in part to a hangover when mass messaging was the only way to get a message across, such as using channels like national newspapers and television, where through broadcasting to large numbers there may come a small percentage return.

Many people in business do come from a generation when mass marketing was the norm, so the practise has spilled over into social media, and aim for large numbers not good.

Having a small number of highly segmented prospects is far better than a large group of undefined prospects that will not convert very well and provide very poor ROI.

Today I made a video to help you understand this principle from a "personal friends" point of view, using facebook lists to segment. The example here of segmenting your personal social network can be applied to most networking platforms providing the tools are available.

What are your thoughts on this, it's a nice way to keep your work and personal life distinct, should you choose to, right?