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SMiB09 : Conversation Matters Speakers

Social Media in Business 2009 welcomed almost 100 people at The Strand Palace Hotel in Central London.

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Below you can see who spoke and also in many cases our speakers were pre-interviewed.


Conversation Matters Speakers & Themes



Peter Crosby

Social Media in Business Keynote - Peter Crosby of Viadeo

Peter is COO of Viadeo Europe and is responsible for European business development, sales & marketing.

Daren Forsyth


Daren Forsyth ( - A 15-year veteran of the digital media arena, Forsyth has earned the reputation of an energetic, dynamic and innovative business leader.




AM Theme - Social Media in the context of Marketing & Public Relations



Neville Hobson

Strategizing Communication in a (Social) Networked World

Neville Hobson (NevilleHobson) - Against the backdrop of changing behaviours in our society and shifting climates of trust, Neville Hobson takes you on a tour of the social media ecosystem to help make sense of it all for you and your organization.

Katy Howell

Moving Beyond ‘Bubble’ Communication

Katy Howell (Immediate Future) - Dipping toes in Twitter and trialing Facebook are a great start, but for social media to have impact, brands need to take the plunge. Funnelling communities, mapping to business ROI and extending the communications beyond seeding promotions.

Eaon Pritchard

Brand Engagement

Eaon Pritchard (Geronimo) - How forward thinking brands are connecting with their customers in the on-demand, converged media landscape.

Trey Pennington

Connections, Content, Conversations: Commerce

Trey Pennington - The Social Media Game and the Questions People Play.

Mark Redgrave

Sentiment and Intent: the hidden gems within conversation

Mark Redgrave OpenAmplify - This session will investigate the value that social media holds and the implications for businesses, as well as providing guidance on how they can filter out the noise, understand the conversations and action it appropriately. It will also explain how this space is evolving and the role that the semantic web may play in the future.

Tim Callington

The Challenge and Opportunity of Public Engagement

Tim Callington (Edelman) - How accountability can still mean profitability in the digital age.

Maz Nadjm

Sky Community

Maz Nadjm (Online Community Product Manager, BSKYB)

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion - "Social Media in the context of Marketing & Public Relations" - Moderated by Jamie Riddell

A panel summarising the morning's presentations and providing the audience with a chance to pose questions.




PM Theme - "Applied Social Media in Business" - monitoring, measurement, development



Jon Ingham

Using Social Media for Competitive Advantage

Jon Ingham (SocialAdvantage) - Using examples, Jon will describe how organisations can increase the value they can receive from their investments in social technologies.

Joanne Jacobs

Gordon Gekko Is Dead

Joanne Jacobs (JoanneJacobs) - How Competitive Advantage is Shifting in the Social Media Age.

Oliver Blanchard

Financial vs. Non Financial Measurement

Olivier Blanchard (Brandbuilder Marketing) - Outlining the differences between financial measurement (R.O.I.) and non-financial measurement, then explaining why understanding that distinction is important to organizations.

Steve Lamb

Social Media Enterprise

Steve Lamb (Microsoft) - Exploring the professional use of social media in the enterprise. We'll discuss practical examples of successful strategies to embrace social media in the enterprise - improving profit and reputation

Ged Carroll

Intent is the New Demographic

Ged Carroll (RuderFinn) - Traditional marketing segmentation is proving of limited value in modern times, however the web and social media allows to think about a new demographic that of consumer intent.

Benjamin Ellis

Crowd Sourcing

Benjamin Ellis (Redcatco) - Can social media really outsource your thinking, reduce your support costs and speed development? Examples of what does and doesn't work.

Charlie Osmand

Social Media Let's Get Practical

Charlie Osmond (FreshNetworks) - Simple, straightforward advice on how to make social media work for your business.

Judith Lewis

Online Reputation Management

Judith De-Cabbit iLevel- What to watch, what to do when things go wrong and how to approach reputation management online including some famous mistakes.

Panel Discussion

"The Future of Social Media" - Moderated by Jamie Riddell

A panel discussion bringing together a summary of social media in business and predictions for the future.


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