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Corporate Communications Courses

In today’s business culture reputation management has become increasingly important. Many executives view a company’s public image and social responsibilites as it impacts a community a tangible asset. They also see it as a responsibility that requires the guidance and accountability of a singular senior level CCO with the proper leadership skills and educational background. This goes beyond just having a public relations officer but to a larger extent an executive who is able to recongize, identify, and resolve communication related issues.

Corporate communications has become a highly specialized discipline combining aspects of Business Administration, Public Relations, and Marketing. The Rotterdam School of Management of the Eramus University Rotterdam was the first school to offer an MCC at university level in 1997, developed by Professor Dr. Cees van Rie and became an accredited program in 2008. Many schools offer undergraduate and post graduate programs with emphasis on strategizing plans that form the corporate culture through internal and external communications.Today some of the top ranked universities offer an MCC or MSc CC in conjunction with their MBA coursework.

Admissions requirements are similar to those of the MBA programs where candidates are selected based on entrance exam scores, letters of recommendation, work experiences, Bachelor degree GPA and/or GPA of graduate, as well as personal aspects such as leadership skills and diversity within the learning environment. The MCC program of study is often structured similarly to an MBA, comprised of either distance-learning, part-time, accelerated, or two-year MCC. The curriculum would encompass:

  • Developing the corporate brand and planning model
  • Defining the employee culture and internal communications
  • Defining specific functions of communication for customer, investor, and government interactions
  • Use of research for cost effective planning Problem solving for reputation management and crisis management

Projections for employment expect fast paced growth in this sector over other industries through 2018. However do expect sharp competition for entry level positions. You can set yourself apart from other candidates by gaining experience through internships and other work based learning opportunities. International companies are seeking employees who are multi-lingual along with communications skills. Candidates with post graduate degrees can also expect higher compensation. As the use of social media continues to evolve and coporations must have tighter controls on how and what information circulates, demand for this speciality will be constant.

Suggested Corporate Communications Course reading:

Principles of Corporate Communication by Van Riel (1995), £49.99 Corporate Communication: A Guide to Theory and Practice by Dr Joep P Cornelissen (May 2008), £19.79

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