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Thanks for Coming

So if you are reading this you have probably followed a link from my bio on Twitter - well done for making it this far, I've been on Twitter since February 2007!

Hello, I am Chris Hambly and as you know on Twitter I am "audio" I have used audio for literally years as my username of choice. I've used it to name web servers, Internet accounts, actual companies, all manner of things actually and here's why.

I started life as a musician, quickly trained as a helicopter technician and got a nice grounding in audio electronics (helicopter communications) and then went on to install and fix recording studios. Around the end of the 90's, after teaching audio classes in local colleges and then authoring audio degrees for universities, I launched my first start up an online school for music production, which was the first in the World of its kind - cool eh? It was a social learning model, yep, pre-dating the term "social media" in fact helping build that map in many ways (we all did back then).

I sold that around 08 and set-up another start-up; social media in business, which does what it says on the tin "we educate businesses in how to use social media". The thing is you see, having run on-line companies for more than a decade (this is pre-facebook, and social networks et all) you kind of get a good understanding of using the Internet to run, well businesses.

I have other neat things going on including being the founder of the Social Media Mafia (no really!) which is a community of thought leaders and influencers. The Social Media Mafia has had tons of events in many places over the years both nationally and internationally and I'm always tapping the community for talent.

Well I'll stop here for now, that's enough, check out my more professional LinkedIn profile or just start chatting to me on Twitter by using those mentions, tell me if I should follow you. If you want to send me an email fire one right now over here. Mail Me

Thanks for popping along.